The fastest Desktop bot on the market. Supports
Supreme US/EU/JP & US Footsites on Windows or macOS.


Unlimited Tasks

Run unlimited Supreme and US Footsites tasks on your Windows or macOS device.


Proxy Support

Easily add proxies to avoid being detected on Supreme and Footsites.

Captcha Solvers

Captcha Solvers

Use multiple captcha solvers and login to Google to increase your one-click captchas.

AYCD AutoSolve

AYCD AutoSolve

Use AYCD AutoSolve to get as many one-click captchas as possible. Easily connect AYCD to Plugged

Discord Webhook

Discord Webhook

Use a Discord Webhook to get notified when you get a successful checkout. Be able to see past checkouts as well.


You will receive any help and
customer support you need throughout the process.


Plugged Desktop

  • Supreme US/EU/JP
  • US Footsites
  • Proxy Support
  • Friendly Dashboard
  • AYCD AutoSolve Support
  • Discord Webhook